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  • Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine
  • Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine
  • Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine
  • Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine

Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine

Junwen machinery with exquisite professional technology, continuous innovation of the core technology for customers from technical advice to product selection, equipment installation and commissioning, operation and technical training, after-sales maintenance and repair to form a complete service system, to provide customers with a solid after-sales protection.
The protective cover, the wire drawing mechanism, and the six-side ironing mechanism can be added according to customer needs

Model: JW-400 Transparent film 3D packaging machine
Packing speed: Single box film per minute (10-40)
Carton specifications: L (50-400) * W (40-300) * H (20-120)mm
Input power: Three- phase Five- wire 380V/ 50Hz
Total power: 10.0 kw
Heat sealing temperature: 110-180 ℃
Equipment weight: 880 kg
Packaging material: BOPP double-sided heat-sealing film(commonly known as smoke film)
Inner hole of film roll: 70 Outer diameter: 300mm, various colors of self-adhesive paste easy pull line
Prepare to redefine your packaging experience with the JW-400 Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machine. A testament to Junwen's unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, this machine is designed for medium-speed standalone or inline operations. Equipped with advanced technology and user-centric design, the JW-400 sets new standards in packaging excellence.
Precision in Motion:
The heart of the JW-400 lies in its mechanical precision. Driven by mechanical chain wheels, cam mechanisms, linkages, and pneumatic cylinders, this machine guarantees stability and seamless packaging execution. Every movement is a testament to Junwen's commitment to precision and reliability.
Tailored for Large Products:
The JW-400 is engineered to cater primarily to large-sized box packaging. With the flexibility to switch between different molds, it accommodates various product dimensions effortlessly. The sleek and minimalistic design enhances the efficiency of mold changes, ensuring a seamless transition between packaging tasks.
Enhanced Control with Servo Technology:
Operators command precision through the JW-400's servo control system and user-friendly interface. With a touch of the screen, operators can adjust parameters to match distinct product sizes, achieving speeds ranging from 10 to 40 packages per minute.
Innovative Forming for Aesthetic Excellence:
The JW-400 boasts a forming track equipped with point embossing, top and bottom contouring, and beauty enhancement units. This innovation ensures products are snugly enveloped in the transparent film, resulting in enhanced aesthetics and a more visually pleasing end result.
Elevated Security and Convenience:
Featuring a quick-detach pull-tab mechanism, the JW-400 offers both tamper-evident protection and moisture-resistance sealing. This ingenious feature safeguards against unauthorized access and maintains product freshness, ensuring consumer confidence in the authenticity of the contents.
Effortless Material Handling:
Addressing diverse operational needs, the JW-400 seamlessly integrates both automatic and manual feeding mechanisms. Whether aligning with a fully automated production line or requiring manual intervention, the machine ensures efficient material handling for optimal operational flexibility.
Smart Safety and Efficiency:
Safety remains paramount, evident through the automatic feeding system's no-box stop function. This feature, coupled with box ejection protection and a triple-layer air-assisted film feeding mechanism, safeguards both operators and production processes.
Functional and Aesthetic Protection:
Safety and aesthetics coalesce in the JW-400, featuring a European-standard aluminum frame and stainless steel door panels. The upper section, comprising aluminum profiles and PC panels, constitutes a visually appealing protective cover, enhancing operational safety while adding to the machine's overall visual appeal.
With the JW-400 Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machine, Junwen redefines packaging innovation. This transformative solution encapsulates Junwen's dedication to advancing packaging technology, enhancing packaging processes, elevating product presentation, and prioritizing operational safety. Embrace the future of packaging with Junwen's JW-400 and embark on a journey toward unparalleled packaging excellence.
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BOPP double-sided heat-sealing film BOPP self-adhesive easy pull line Package Samples COMPLETE MOLD




Packing speed Single box film per minute(10~40)
Package size L(50~400) W(40~300) H(20~120)mm
Input power Three-phase five-wire 380V 50Hz
Total power 12.52kw
Heat sealing temperature 110-180℃
Working pressure Pressure≥0.6Mpa,Gas consumption: 40L/Min
Inlet pipe diameter Φ12
Equipment weight 850kg(Without protective cover)
Packaging material BOPP double-sided heat-sealing film (commonly known as smoke film) Inner hole of film roll:Φ70 Outer diameter:Φ320mm, various colors of self-adhesive paste easy pull line

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Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine knowledge expansion

How Does the Utilization of Gift Box Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machines Influence the Premium Gift and Luxury Product Market?

The utilization of Gift Box Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machines represents a transformative innovation in the premium gift and luxury product market, redefining the way upscale items are presented and perceived by consumers. This cutting-edge technology, integrating transparent films and 3D packaging, introduces a plethora of advantages that elevate the brand appeal, consumer experience, and market positioning of luxury products.

Elevated Visual Elegance and Sophistication:

In the realm of premium gifting and luxury goods, aesthetics and presentation play a pivotal role. Gift Box Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machines allow for the creation of visually stunning, three-dimensional displays that exude elegance and sophistication. This high-end presentation enhances the perceived value of the product and captures the attention of discerning consumers seeking luxurious experiences.

Showcasing Exclusivity and Craftsmanship:

Luxury products often boast superior craftsmanship and exclusivity. Transparent film integrated into 3D packaging offers a unique opportunity to exhibit the intricate details, fine craftsmanship, and premium quality of these items. The transparent packaging serves as a window to showcase the meticulous design elements, materials, and finishes, highlighting the exclusivity of the product.

Brand Differentiation and Recognition:

In a competitive market where luxury brands vie for consumer attention, distinctive packaging becomes a crucial differentiator. The integration of Gift Box Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machines allows brands to create bespoke packaging designs that set them apart. Unique shapes, personalized branding elements, and captivating 3D presentations contribute to enhanced brand recognition and differentiation.

Enhanced Consumer Engagement and Unboxing Experience:

Luxury consumers seek an immersive and indulgent shopping experience. Transparent film in 3D packaging facilitates an enticing unboxing experience, offering consumers a glimpse into the luxurious contents of the gift box before opening it. This tantalizing preview creates anticipation and excitement, enhancing the overall consumer journey and fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

Sustainability and Perceived Value:

The luxury market is increasingly emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices. Gift Box Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machines can utilize eco-friendly and recyclable materials, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers. Sustainable packaging not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances the perceived value of luxury products among conscientious buyers.

Impeccable Quality Control and Supply Chain Efficiency:

The integration of advanced packaging machinery ensures consistent quality and precision in packaging luxury items. Automated systems reduce errors, maintain high standards, and streamline the supply chain, ensuring that every product meets the exacting quality expected in the luxury segment. This meticulous attention to detail further reinforces brand reputation and consumer trust.

the adoption of Gift Box Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machines brings a paradigm shift to the premium gift and luxury product market. By offering elevated visual appeal, showcasing exclusivity, fostering brand recognition, enhancing consumer engagement, emphasizing sustainability, and ensuring impeccable quality control, this technology redefines packaging as an integral part of the luxury experience. It enables brands to captivate consumers' senses and emotions, establishing a strong competitive edge and strengthening their position in the discerning world of luxury goods.

How is the use of Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine revolutionizing the packaging industry?

The introduction of Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machines has catalyzed a profound transformation in the packaging industry, reshaping conventional packaging methodologies and significantly enhancing product presentation, protection, and market competitiveness. This innovative technology combines the precision of 3D printing with the versatility of transparent film packaging, offering several advantages that are revolutionizing the packaging landscape.

the Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machine optimizes packaging customization and personalization. Its advanced capabilities enable the creation of highly detailed, intricate, and visually appealing packaging designs that cater to diverse consumer preferences. Manufacturers can effortlessly produce unique, eye-catching packaging solutions, fostering brand differentiation and enhancing product visibility on store shelves. The ability to tailor packaging to specific products or seasons has become a powerful marketing tool, capturing consumer attention and driving sales.

this technology enhances sustainability in packaging practices. The utilization of transparent film enables the reduction of material waste compared to traditional packaging methods, as it requires fewer resources while maintaining product protection standards. The machines are designed to optimize material usage, minimizing excess packaging and contributing to a more eco-friendly approach in the industry. Additionally, the transparency of the film allows consumers to easily identify and appreciate the product without excessive packaging layers, further aligning with the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

Another significant impact of Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machines lies in their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These machines streamline the packaging process, automating intricate 3D designs and significantly reducing production time compared to manual methods. The automation aspect leads to increased productivity, allowing manufacturers to meet high-demand requirements more efficiently. Furthermore, the reduction in labor costs and material wastage translates into substantial cost savings for businesses, making the technology an economically viable option in the long run.

the use of transparent film in 3D packaging not only enhances product visibility but also ensures product safety and protection. The film's durability and resilience safeguard products from external elements such as moisture, dust, and tampering, extending shelf life and maintaining product quality. Additionally, the transparent nature of the film enables consumers to inspect the product for quality assurance before purchase, instilling confidence and trust in the brand.

Looking ahead, the integration of Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machines is poised to continue shaping the future of packaging. As technology evolves, these machines may further advance in precision, speed, and customization capabilities. Additionally, continued innovations in sustainable materials may further enhance the eco-friendly aspects of transparent film packaging, addressing the growing consumer demand for environmentally conscious practices.

the advent of Gift Box Transparent film 3D packaging machines marks a pivotal moment in the packaging industry. Their ability to combine 3D printing precision with transparent film packaging offers unparalleled customization, sustainability, efficiency, and product protection, revolutionizing how products are packaged, marketed, and perceived in the market.